no more bad days

20 September 2012 § 3 Komentar


§ 3 Responses to no more bad days

  • mercadeo berkata:

    Honestly, I am not entirely sure why this is. There are multiple reasons, I think. One reason is because it’s so difficult to work here, of course. Another one is probably that it’s statistically unlikely that a photographer will be present when fighting happens or when an American soldier gets hurt or killed. The country is huge and so is the number of American troops. By contrast, the number of photographers covering the conflict is incredibly small. Maybe another reason is that everybody involved is so skilled at keeping the press under tight control. Some say that it’s because the light is so bad in Iraq. Others think that because of the easily accessible digital technology there are so many mediocre pictures sent around the world that the few excellent ones are never discovered. I guess another reason is that there is more self-censorship practiced by American publications than the American public realizes or wants to realize.

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